Several workshops on a variety of topics related to current or emerging interests, will be organized during the first International Microwave & Antenna Symposium in Africa (IMAS 2023). Be a part of the "The first international fully sponsored IEEE conference in Africa"

IMAS is the first international fully sponsored IEEE conference in Africa by the IEEE APS (Antenna and Propagation) and the IEEE MTT (Microwave Theory and Technology) societies. It is planned to be organized annually in different African countries.

Workshops at IMAS 2023 will possibly include:
The proposed workshops will deal with four new and emerging communications and microwave technologies that will include device characterization, novel circuit design for passive and active components, CAD tools, wireless communication networks, sensor networks, fast computations, smart healthcare, asset tracking, and precise localization. The workshops will address four general areas of research:

(1) Technologies for Smart Cities and Smart Villages
   Session Chair: Ed Rezek

(2) Radar Technology for Civilian Applications
   Session Chair: John Papapolymerou

(3) Satellite and Space Communications
   Session Chair: Aly Fathy

(4) High-Frequency Semiconductor Devices
   Session Chair: Alan Mantooth

Please follow up for more details on workshops and speakers at IMAS 2023.
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